Quick Trick to Stop a Foreclosure Auction in Charlotte

Video Transcript*

Hey everyone it’s me Sir Ashley your Charlotte area realtor and Investor and today I want to talk to anyone potentially facing foreclosure here in the Charlotte area but anyone in North Carolina can benefit from this information. I want to talk about a quick trick you can utilize if you’re facing foreclosure and have an auction scheduled but would like to postpone it. People want to postpone the auction for a variety of reasons but whatever the reason, maybe tis can help you. Simply contact the lender that wanting to foreclose on you (NOT the attorney’s office, because they arent going to pay you any mind). Contact the bank and let them know you need time either to do a short sale or locate and they may be able to help you at least one extension 30-45 day extension.

For anyone facing foreclosure I think it’s invaluable to have this information, now after you have postponed the auction, it is vitally important that you start coming up with your gameplay because it’s not a permanent solution by any means, it’s only temporary and I have had clients who I have worked with try to go back a second and third time to get more time but the lender and bank weren’t willing to give them another extension. Small caveat, if you are working with a realtor and the realtor reaching out for the2nd extension the banks are more amenable for granting that extension because they see that you are actually moving forward in the process and have a real estate professional working with you.
But if you aren’t going to get a real estate professional involved, this quick trick to postpone you foreclosure auction in Charlotte is a one time deal.

If you are looking to sell the home via short sale, the traditional route or quickly to an investor, I am an active buyer in the market and I’m a realtor, so my team and I will be able to help you regardless of which action plan you want to take. If you have any questions about the process, I’d be more than happy to talk to you and see how I can be of assistance. I hope you find this information helpful if you want to reach me you can contact me at 704-775-1236 and have a fantastic day.

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